If you will be a first-time Bouvier owner, it's important to do your homework. As all herding breeds, Bouviers are extremely smart and can be a challenge for the novice.  Click Here for an Animal Planet introduction to this amazing breed.

We are excited to announce that a litter of six beautiful Rogue puppies (one male & five girls) was whelped on August 6, 2017...currently, we're having an exciting time exhibiting the male, who we've named "Joplin". 

Unfortunately, due to the happen-stance of life, we currently have no plans to produce other Rogue Bouvier litter for the next several years. 

However, if you have general questions, please feel free to email us using the Contact page on this site and we would be happy to answer any questions regarding Rogue Bouviers and/or the Bouvier breed.


...Thank You!!!

Future Litter Plans 

​​Rogue Bouvier des Flandres